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Note that the time and usage values in this tab are estimated by the GCODE viewer in your browser and might differ from the values estimated by the server that are displayed in the "State" and "Files" panels in the sidebar due to slightly different implementations. Also note that these estimated values may be inaccurate since they can also take information present in the GCODE file into account.


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If acknowledgements ("ok"s) sent by the firmware get lost due to issues with the serial communication to your printer, OctoPrint's communication with it can become stuck. If that happens, this can help. Please be advised that such occurrences hint at general communication issues with your printer which will probably negatively influence your printing results and which you should therefore try to resolve!

Some functionality of the terminal will be disabled if OctoPrint detects that your browser is too slow for that. You may force it back on here, but be aware that this might make your browser unresponsive.

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